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What started out as a small hobby has now gotten completely out of control. From one small light rack in a bedroom, our growing area has expanded considerably to where it is now — ten racks in our basement, and plants sitting anywhere a ray of light will shine. We have evolved our collection over the years from what were once just violets to include Streptocarpus, Aeschynanthus, Columnea, and a few other Gesneriads.

We have been growers since 1999, when we brought our first violets into our home. Donna has always had a passion for growing plants, while Steve just loves the flowers. His grandmother always had a violet or two in her home, and he was never allowed to touch them. How else could he satisfy his curiosity?

From that start, we soon discovered AVSA and joined as members. Today we are members of AVSA, AVSC, Michigan and Ohio State AVS, as well as local clubs and the Gesneriad Society. We are judges, officers, directors, and now commercial vendors.

If you are ever in the Southgate, Michigan area, feel free to call us and come for a visit. It’s always fun to see our violet friends and share the hobby.

I always think of African violets as being the “friendship flower.” Some of my dearest and most treasured friends were made through my interest in African violets.
Alma Wright, AVSA President 1949-1950

Below are photos of our plant room. Click on the image to see a larger image.

Plant Room  Plant Room  Plant Room  Plant Room

Our cats — Maxwell (left) and Simon (right).

Plant Room  Plant Room